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In 2009, Yatedo was just a school project of two enthusiastic guys who were crazy enough to build a people search engine.

Today, the college project has come a long way and Amyne Berrada and Saad Zniber are not alone. A super creative team of 8 is helping them! A super positive general manager, two industry-veterans account managers, a lively communications manager, a super knowledgeable SEO expert, an eccentric graphic designer and two quiet engineers who are in charge of Research and Development!









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At Yatedo, diversity is not just a concept, we apply it to our recruiting. Different cultures, different views but the same common goal: Making Yatedo the best place to work. You have always dreamed about making a difference in technology? We want you! 

Here are 5 good reasons to join Yatedo:

  1. The opportunity to work on an innovative project with top technologies.
  2. A company who has the trust of repeat investors.
  3. A company where your can truly grow in your expertise within and with the company.
  4. An upbeat and driven team with strong human values.
  5. A motivating and pleasant work environment.