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In 2009, Yatedo was just a school project of two enthusiastic guys who were crazy enough to build a people search engine.

Today, the college project has come a long way and Amyne Berrada and Saad Zniber are not alone. A super creative team of 8 is helping them! A super positive general manager, two industry-veterans account managers, a lively communications manager, a super knowledgeable SEO expert, an eccentric graphic designer and two quiet engineers who are in charge of Research and Development!









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What is Yatedo ?

Yatedo is a semantic people search engine dedicated to searching and finding anyone on the Internet. Our mission is to structure people’s data and enable them connect with each other, manage their online presence and improve their visibility.

Just like traditional search engines, the Yatedo search engine displays public information found on the Internet. But its search results are delivered in the form of “digital cards » instead of links for traditional search engines.

Yatedo’s robots browse the Internet seeking for public information about people. The information they are looking for is primarily photos, news articles, blog posts, public information from accounts on social networks, etc…Once found, the information is consolidated into digital profiles.

How Yatedo was born ?

premier server de YatedoTo understand how and why Yatedo came to life, it is important to go back in time…

Flashback to the year 2007, social networks are gaining popularity and people are increasingly dropping screen names for their real names.
New habits emerge: We update our status, tag people in pictures, and share content. All of which, made Amyne Berrada and Saad Zniber , (both still students at the time) realize the importance for all of us to have a seamless online presence, to better market ourselves, to future employers, for example.

While searching for their own names on traditional search engines, Berrada and Zniber come to the conclusion that people search as it existed, had undeniable shortcomings:

  • Search results are incoherent
  • Homonyms are neither detected nor identified
  • It is impossible to visulaize the content of the link without clicking on it
  • The person’s content cannot be managed (edited/deleted) from the search engine.
  • The search engines merely find keywords without understanding them.
  • Media such as images, photos and videos are well underepresented in the search results.
  • Spelling of the person`s name has to be correct or results can be very inaccurate.

From all of these issues stemmed the idea of a search engine producing people-only search results.

Slowly but surely this project was gaining ground: A tool allowing users to quickly find someone with any type of information about them and simultaneously helping you to manage your own online presence.

And so began the adventure…Two years of endless nights of coding and developping (powered by caffeine) later, and the first semantic search engine was born! It was able to read phonetics and différentiante between homonyms. By delivering results in the form of digital cards, Amyne (lien vers page Les Fondateurs) and Saad (lien vers page Les Fondateurs), found -the- ultimate solution for Internet users to stay in control of their online content and keep it organized in one place. That is how Yatedo came into existence in 2009.

But where does the name Yatedo come from ?

It was now time to find a name for their invention, so Yatedo’s creators thought they would ask the same semantic robots to come up with their own name. How democratic of them! Amyne and Saad asked the robots to comme up with a name made of three syllables and pronounceable in most languages and for which a domain name was available.

Yatedo was the first result offered by the robots.