Yatedo is a free people search engine, which helps you find and contact anybody throughout the Web. Thanks to its innovative technology based on understanding the content of a Web page and extracting information about a person, Yatedo’s search results are displayed as a digital ID card wich is the simplest way to read information.

Yatedo helps you handle your own e-reputation: know how to manage your digital ID with Yatedo.

However if you want to delete your Yatedo profile, you have to make your social profiles unavailable to search engines. Here are some explanations:

And for other social networks, set your privacy in their policy settings.

As soon as your profiles are not publicly available anymore, you can delete your Yatedo profile by copying the link to your profile and going to this page: http://www.yatedo.com/index/privacy

Paste your profile URL in the required field and click on “Confirm”.

Then choose “I want to remove my information from Yatedo” and click on “Send a removal request”.

Fill in the removal request form and click on “Submit”. The removal will be effective after a few days. Even if the link of your Yatedo profile appears on search engines, users won’t be able to access it by clicking on it. If you want the suppression to be considered immediately by search engines, contact the search engine support to delete the link from their cache :  Google, Yahoo!  and Bing

More about Yatedo: