Yatedo joins Microsoft’s AI Factory at Station F
Yatedo, creator of Yatedo Talent, the Artificial Intelligence-based candidate search engine, is proud to announce that he is joining Microsoft's AI Factory at Station F, a program designed to stimulate the emergence of future big names of AI in France as in the world. With more than 6 million euros invested in the development of its algorithms since its creation in 2011, Yatedo is a true pioneer and key player in Artificial Intelligence at the service of recruitment.

The mission of this AI Factory is among other things, to bring together mature startups to provide answers to the needs of key accounts in Artificial Intelligence. It is also a means of radiating a new collective intelligence carried by the actors of reference of AI in France.

« We are proud to join this beautiful program! After the recognition of investors and our customers, today it is that of a major player, who has been committed for more than 30 years to innovation. With this partnership, we will be able to co-build the digital transformation of companies through AI and seize growth opportunities. » says Saad Zniber, cofounder and CTO of Yatedo.

77% of the companies surveyed for the last IDC Study for Microsoft, declare having an AI project or will deploy one in 2018. The need for innovation in Artificial Intelligence is essential for large groups and it is not the initiatives that missing !

If only 12% of companies have integrated AI into HR applications, the HR ecosystem is evolving at full speed and AI solutions enable its stakeholders to harness the full potential of data to make it a decision-support tool.

By 5 years, the job of recruiter will radically change. The entire sourcing part is intended to be completely automated. Even making appointments with candidates will eventually be managed by artificial intelligence. These famous chatbots, of which we talk so much for the e-commerce platforms, will be in charge of initiating the first exchanges with the candidates. At the same time, the selection of the CVs will be optimized by the tools, allowing the recruiter to free himself from administrative tasks and thus to focus on two priority missions : pass job interviews and make the final decision!

The algorithm developed by Yatedo is based on ultra objective and measurable criteria and can find skills that are not in the CV. This makes it possible to detect the potential of the candidates as well as their future success once in office, to make the best decision. Predictive recruitment, if it is a revolution, remains deeply human because it reveals the talents of all without taking the closed criteria of a traditional CV.

Whether it is for firms, large groups or smaller structures, Yatedo supports their digital HR transformation strategy, optimize their resources and get ahead of their competitors by finding the best talent before everyone else.

« Joining the Microsoft's AI Factory is not only a great recognition, but also allows us to deliver the best AI innovations to companies to anticipate and meet their major challenges. » concludes Saad Zniber.


When the web becomes your pool of candidates.
Created in 2011 in France, Yatedo has developed Yatedo Talent, the only people search engine that transforms the Web into a talent pool. It extracts, synthesizes and structures public information from all over the Internet into easy to read profiles. With its Talent tool, Yatedo is aimed at recruiters who can source and directly contact talents, and also build a pool of profiles ready to move thanks to the predictive recruitment solution. More than 800 million profiles - Located in France and the United States. Yatedo is a member of Syntec Recruitment, BPI Group's Startup Premium Program and Le Lab RH, a partner association of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Professional Education and Social Dialogue. More news on www.yatedo.fr - Twitter - Blog

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About Microsoft AI Factory

Partner of the innovative ecosystem in France for over 30 years, Microsoft France has committed to Station F to stimulate the emergence of French champions of artificial intelligence through the Microsoft AI Factory. This program was designed by Microsoft to support the development of mature start-ups in the AI ​​sector through enhanced support : tight mentoring by Microsoft teams, access to the Microsoft space at Station F, access to Microsoft and Inria researchers, participation in the Microsoft start-up support program as well as advice on the promotion and marketing of their solutions as part of a co-marketing and co-selling approach. True "scouts", their mission is to identify other start-ups, notably those present at Station F, to federate them and to compose the community that Microsoft wishes to make emerge around the IA and thus to stimulate the emergence of the future great of AI in France as in the world.