1. Data controller

The person processing your personal data is:

Yatedo France, 54 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France.

2. Information collected and purpose of the processing

Yatedo collects personal data made publicly available on the Internet or given by the user when he or she creates an account, for the purpose of editing a people search engine.

2.1 Information collected on the basis of information made publicly available online

Yatedo collects your data from information that is made publicly available on the Internet. Such information can be information displayed on publicly accessible websites or information that you have made publicly available by creating a profile or an account on a social network.

2.2 Information collected when you create a Yatedo account

The information collected when you create an account is the one that you will provide us.

The account creation form specifies whether the questions are optional or compulsory. Failure to provide data specified as compulsory will deprive you from creating an account on Yatedo.

In compliance with article 6-II of French law n°2001-575 dated 21 June 2004, and with its regulation n°2011-219 dated 25 February 2011, Yatedo will collect connection data enabling to identify the person at the origin of the contents published, such as the IP address and the connection identifier.

3. Recipients of the data collected

Personal data collected by Yatedo is processed by Yatedo.

Information published on the Yatedo search engine can be seen by any person browsing the Yatedo website and likely to visit your profile.

Yatedo may also transmit your data to customers, service providers and commercial partners for recruiting and marketing purposes.

4. Right to access, rectify or object to the data processing related to the Yatedo profiles

4.1 Right to access

As a search engine, Yatedo solely displays information that you have already made publicly available in your social networks’ profiles.

You can freely and directly access your data by searching your name on the Yatedo search engine and by clicking on the corresponding profile(s).

4.2 Right to rectify

You can rectify your information by yourself through the creation of a personal account on Yatedo in order to take control of your profile(s). To prove your identification, we ask you to authenticate yourself via a social network on which you have an account.

4.3 Right to object

4.3.1 De-listing

You can access to the de-listing request form by clicking on the following link: http://www.yatedo.com/index/privacy

We will ask you to upload a scan of your ID in order to verify your identification.

Any de-listing request must expressly specify the link(s) related to the profile(s) that have to be de-listed.

As a search engine, Yatedo may re-index future links about yourself if other information about yourself becomes publicly accessible on the Internet.

4.3.2 Removal of your Yatedo profile

If you have created a personal account on Yatedo, you can remove it yourself by clicking on the link “remove my profile” available on your account settings.

Any data provided to Yatedo will be removed. However, as a search engine, Yatedo may re-index links about yourself if information about yourself is still publicly accessible on the Internet.