Amyne Berrada, Co-founder & CEO

Amyne holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Epitech and a Master’s degree in Natural Language Research and Processing from Chongqing University (China).

Expert in semantic technology, Amyne quickly embarks on the entrepreneurial adventure, during his graduate studies. With Saad Zniber, he co-founded the company “OneShot’com” in 2005: development and management of 3 websites dedicated to student life in the agglomeration of Toulouse (news/event/blog).

He developed “Ouverture” in 2006, a management software package for the SNCF works council, still used today in more than 13 cities in France. He was then appointed Director of Information Technology for the Leaders League. in 2010.

His passion for entrepreneurship brings him into a new adventure with his long-time partner, Saad. They are developing the technological foundations of the Yatedo search engine and its semantic technology, writing the first lines of Yatedo’s story.

Makram Torkhani, General Manager

Passionate about digitalization of the economy and its application to the world of Human Resources, Makram was commercial director at Morex Technologies and commercial manager at Tata Consulting (formerly Alti Consulting).

In 2008, he co-founded a recruitment consulting firm, Pearl Consulting (Lorenz & Hamilton Group) of which he is associate director.

Appointed CEO of Yatedo in 2013, he coordinates the activities of the start-up, develops the professional clientele, promotes the company to the institutional universe and lays the foundations of its international development.

Makram graduated from Euridis Business School with a Master of Business Engineering specializing in high technology. He also holds a CPBS – Certified Personal Branding Strategist Certification, issued by Reach Inc.

Alexis Fleuriot, Senior Engineering Manager

Alexis is one of the pillars of Yatedo, whom he joined from the beginning of the adventure.

Knight of the team, he sets out to conquer the world and uses his knowledge to serve R&D. Thanks to his pianist fingers, he produces and implements Yatedo’s innovations to develop an avant-garde tool.

Viet Do, Senior Search Manager

Like Alexis, he is also seduced by this project that he incorporates from the creation of Yatedo.

Viet is our Magician of Data Science. Using his magic wand, he is now responsible for creating and optimizing new features to offer you an ever more powerful tool.

Sofiane Boufar, Chief Design Officer

Sofiane joins the adventure by inaugurating the artistic pole.

Sofiane, born creative, is the Guardian of identity and visual communication of Yatedo. His acute sense of aesthetics drives him to offer you the best user experience.

Stéphane Varisellaz, Communications Manager

Stéphane joins Yatedo to participate in his enhancing in the media.

Stephane is Yatedo’s Poet. From his pen, he develops the Yatedo Blog with articles dedicated to recruiters and shapes our image on social networks and in the media with authenticity.