Flashback to the year 2007, social networks are gaining popularity and people are increasingly dropping screen names for their real names.

Amyne Berrada and Saad Zniber, both still students at the time, realize the importance for all of us to have a seamless online presence, to better market ourselves, to future employers, for example. Slowly but surely this project was gaining ground: A tool allowing users to quickly find someone with any type of information about them and simultaneously helping you to manage your own online presence.

And so began the adventure…Two years of endless nights of coding and developping (powered by caffeine) later, and the first semantic search engine was born! It was able to read phonetics and differentiate homonyms.

armoire de serveur

The first Yatedo servers

By delivering results in the form of digital cards, Amyne and Saad, found -the- ultimate solution for Internet users to stay in control of their online content and keep it organized in one place. That is how Yatedo came into existence in 2009.