Yatedo creates his “Care” department
Yatedo, creator of Yatedo Talent, the search engine for candidates based on Artificial Intelligence, announces the creation of its "Care" department which aims to support recruitment professionals in their digital transformation; in particular by enabling them to be trained and to take better control of new technologies, particularly AI. This new department now supports nearly 200 clients and will be reinforced with new talent by the end of 2018.

Accompany recruiters and recruitment changes

AI ​​will replace the job of recruiter ... The AI ​​will remove jobs ... All this (and of course the opposite) having been said, the mere idea of ​​AI can cause a feeling of panic in the recruiter. What is rarely said is that the recruiter is not (or too little) aware of what the AI ​​will bring: an increase in the number of qualitative appointments and less time spent sourcing, optimize its resources and get ahead of its competitors by finding the best talent before everyone else or simply complete the information on a profile already identified. However, AI can be complex to understand and its handling must be scalable to be optimal. « Recruiters are equipping themselves with more and more tools offering more and more prospects. Our job is above all to help them take this digital turn to get the best out of each solution. » confirms Johan Dhennequin, VP Customer Success and Marketing of Yatedo. Indeed, the goal of Yatedo's "Care" is to gradually and daily support recruitment actors to the full potential offered by Artificial Intelligence; in particular by isolating the expectations of the user to train him to good practices, good features and at the right time. The possibilities offered by the AI ​​are very dense and unaccompanied, the good use could not be at the appointment. « Our artificial intelligence has been developed by men in the service of men; including recruiters. And because the AI ​​alone is useless, we have taken the position to accompany the human in mastering all the assets of AI. » complete Amyne Berrada, founder of Yatedo.

Develop a hub of skills around AI and technological innovation at the service of HR.

What are the new tools to change the life of the recruiter and not just recruitments? AI is one of the bricks of the digital transformation of the job of the recruiter; not the only one. It is a question of making accessible to the recruitment professionals all the technologies allowing them to gain in efficiency and humanity as part of their recruitments. Inspiration made of technologies from marketing for example. By creating a Transformation Hub, Yatedo's "Care" is able to offer a complete monitoring of innovations at the service of the recruiter and recruitments and also allows for sharing of experiences and skills building of recruitment professionals on the new tools. Trainings, workshops, best practices, metrics, gamification, ... are all tools developed by the "Yatedo Care" to ensure full control of new tools by recruitment professionals. « The recruiter has no other choice today than to master the new technologies. We are certain of one thing the work of recruiters changes with these technologies. To not change it’s ending his job. To master and use them is to become a better recruiter. » concluded Johan Dhennequin.

About Yatedo

When the web becomes your pool of candidates Yatedo Talent is the only people search engine that transforms the Web into a talent pool. It extracts, synthesizes and structures public information from all over the Internet into easy to read profiles. With its Talent tool, Yatedo is aimed at recruiters who can source and directly contact talents, and also build a pool of profiles ready to move thanks to the predictive recruitment solution. More than 800 million profiles - Located in France and the United States. Yatedo is a member of Syntec Recruitment and the Microsoft AI Factory. More news on www.yatedo.com - Twitter - Blog

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